Proposal for “Cook & Eat together”

Do you want to cook food or eat with others? Have you ever found it difficult in sending event invitation? If you have, maybe we can solve your problems by making a website based mobile App, “Cook & Eat Together”. This app is designed for those who are interest in making food together with others, and those who want to eat together with others. We hope our idea can help you and we are Xinrui, Elif and Guo.

The purpose of the proposed service is to provide a social platform for interaction based on a common interest in cooking. The advantages of our app are as follows. First, communication among host and guests will be faster and easier. Since it is a mobile App, a host can get feedback immediately from the guests. Moreover, in the case of emergency, users can inform others whenever and wherever they are. Second, our service of sending event invitations will be detailed and convenient. For creating an event, users can write down requirements, like “Please bring a bottle of wine” or something like that. When joining the event, users can choose if they will accept the requirements, like “bring a bottle of wine”.  All the participants of the event can see who will bring what. Then the situation of people bringing the same thing will be avoided. Our target is that our app is people’s first choice when they want to invite people to cook or eat together.

A specific tool for social cooking 

From our perspective, there are two things can attract people start using our service. First, the name of the app is self-evident. Since we have planned clear fixed position for our app, users who have desire to invite people to make food together will be interested in our app. Second, some users will use this service, because their friends are using it. Since we have designed the service as a social platform, more and more users will start using it as long as we can provide good services.

We think good functionality can attract users to continue using our service.  We do not only want to define our app as a social media, but also as an indispensable tool for users’ social life. In other words, as long as users want to cook or eat with others, they will use our app. In order to fulfill this aim, we have planned to provide convenient and humanized options for joining event and sending event invitation. Moreover, we will separate events into public event and private events. Public event means that anyone can join. Private event means that only acquaintances can join. Users can join events which they have received a invitation for, or any interesting public event.

When users create an event, they have to choose whether it is private or public. If it is a public event, users can choose to invite some friends or wait for someone to join. If it is a private event, users have to actively send invitations to friends.

Moreover, in the page of event, participants can see the status of other participants, whether they will attend or not, and what they will bring to the event. In emergency situations, participant can leave a message that all the other participants can see. In the case of inviting others to cook together, there will be a special space for users to type in what other people need to bring and how much. Users can directly invite people from their phone’s contact list.

Business model

If the application succeeds, we are planning to create connections with supermarkets or restaurants. We will add their discount information or other related information in some parts of the application, such as in the invitation list and the home page. In this way, we will have sufficient advertisement income to run the application and develop more features.


In our app, we are going to use the following design patterns.

First of all, “registration” is needed. We want our user to have an personal account. So the users need to register with real phone number or valid email address. Because of that users can invite strangers, we aim to have real users (nick names will be accepted).

Second, the design patterns, “log in” and “log out”, are also necessary.

The third type of design patterns are related to event, which are “creating event”, “joining” and “sending event invitation”. The event is created by event hosts, who need to fix the details about the event. And everyone can be an event host. Moreover, all public events will be shown in the event page. If it is  a public event, all the users can see it in the event page and consider to join it or not, and they also can invite their friends. If it is a private event, it will not be shown in the event page, but only to those who are in the host’s  invitation list. In order to make it clearer, we provide the following image to indicate how the functions work.

The process

This is our design proposal for “Cook & Eat Together”. Thanks for reading! 


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