The implemented services of “Eat & Cook Together”

Hello, we are “Eat & Cook Together” group. Almost a month has passed after our first proposal was published. In this month, we have tried our best to make our idea into practice. And during the process, we gradually know what we want to do and what we can do. So our ideas become clearer than before.

The changes

The current idea is quite different from the original one. In our original idea, by using our App, people can help others with cooking foreign food by providing recipe online and by cooking together offline. But it was a big idea. One month was not enough. Hence, we cut our idea of providing online recipies. Moreover, since the aim of the course is to design a social media, we think the service will be more social if we can provide an online platform, which help people make friends through a shared interest in food. And we no longer limit to the idea of “foreign food”, but “food” in general. Hence, our current idea is that people can create and join events related with food by using our App.

Although we have not implemented the whole App, we have finished our main functions. The implemented services are: “Register” page, “Current Event” list, “Event Detail” page, “Invitations” list, “Create Event” page and “Log in” page.

Navigation Graph

Here is our navigation graph.


Intended purpose of the implemented service

The main purpose of the implemented service is to help users meet online friends offline by using our services. Here, we will better explain how we achieve the idea by introducing our implemented services.

Home & Log in & Main“Home” & “Log in” & “Main” pages

In the “Home” page, at the bottom, three events are shown in order to attract people to register.

In the page of “Log in”, we have designed the function of “Forget password”.

From the “Main” page, users can go to four sub-pages, “Current Event”, “My Event”, “Profile” and “Friends”. Also, we’ve designed three shortcut buttons, “Create Event”, “Invitations” and “Search” at the bottom of the page, in order to make it more convenient for users.

Current Event list

“Current Event List”

In the “Current Event List”, only public events can be shown. Moreover, all the events are sorted by time and location. For example, the user, “Guo” is in Uppsala, and the latest public events in Uppsala have high priority in his page of “Current Event List”.

Event detail pages

“Event Detail” page

In this page, users can see all the basic information of an event, like time, location and description. Moreover, users can see the requirements written by the event owner, for example soya, lamb or beef. If the user want to join the event, (s)he can choose to click one or two of the requirements and “Join”, or do not click anything and “Join”.

My Event & Invitations“My Event” & “Invitations” list

From the page “My event”, users can go to three sub-pages, “Joined Event”, “Invitations” and “Created Event”. “My Event” is where users can manage events related to them.

In the page of “Invitation” list. Users can check invitations they received, and decide whether they want to join or not.

Create Event“Create Event” page

In this page, users can create their own events. They can choose if the event is public or private. And they can add event pictures, enter basic informations, and write requirements. Also, users can invite friend when they create event.

Our intended audience

We have designed our services for several target groups. First, people who are interested in cooking together or having food parties. Second, people who are not willing to eat or cook alone. Third, people who want to make friends.

First attraction 

For us, the first attraction of our App is our convenient services.

People can easily create their event. We specially design the function, “requirements”. The event owner can make requirement easier than in other SNNs, like Facebook. Also, we want to convey the concept of sharing through the design.

Additionally, people can easily find events close to them. The events in our app are sorted by time and location.

Also, our App is designed for mobile phone. It is quite convenient for users to notice the latest status of their joined events.

At long last

Our services’ ability of facilitating social life is the reason why people would be willing to continue using our App. By using our App, people do not need to eat or cook alone, and they can meet new friends. Moreover, in the long run, our App can also be a great tool for creating and joining events in general.

Business model

If the application would succeed, we are planning to create connections with supermarkets or restaurants. We will add their discount information or other related information in some pages, such as the main page, all the event pages and profile page. This way we would have sufficient advertisement income to run the application and develop more features.

Thanks for reading!

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